About us

Society for Promotion of Peace is a group of ordinary people committed to, praying and working for peace and reconciliation in the world. Although our founding principals were built on SAARC, we are open to all faith expressions. Membership of the Society is open to all, without exception.

We are united in a common aim --- to pray for and to live out a message of peace and non-violence in the world.

The Society is based on the order of peace. Our members become members by making a public declaration of their commitment to live a life of peace and reconciliation in the world, to promote and campaign for peace. We do not, however, wear a habit, nor do we have any levels of membership. Each member plays an equal part in the Society and in their own personal settings.

The Society is thoroughly inclusive in its membership, and though it's founding supporters have ties with other peace groups, the Society is completely separate from any political party. We express our faith through other faith practices. We are not only truly ecumenical but embracing of other faith expressions too.

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